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1st pair they made wouldnt even go in my mouth and was uneven.2nd pair to big trimed alittle but still big told me go home try for a few days couldnt even eat soup.made so called appointment trimmed very little said if in a few days come back as a walk in RIGHT i did only to be told to go home and call in for a appointment wouldnt make it when i was there had to go home to call. BULLSHIT.made appointment aug 1st only to find out they were on vacation what the *** how can a place of all rejects stay in business.

Its call STUPID SUCKER dont be one of them.

Aspen dental i think they my be related to afforable dentures also about the same need to pay bigger money to get it right the 1st time without less bull. Dead

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Nah, Aspen and Affordable are two different owners. Affordable is based in North Carolina and Aspen is owned by Leonard Green & Partners and is headquartered in Syracuse New York. They compete for who can fabricate the crummiest dentures and who can advertise for the most suckers to fall for their scams.

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